New research shows that oOh! Media products deliver the highest traditional Media ROI

New independent research released today proves that Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is one of the most powerful traditional advertising channels to drive sales, delivering high comparative returns on investment compared with other media.

According to the Out of Home Effectivenessi report by world experts in strategic research consultancy, The Leading Edge showed when using TV as a baseline:
Digital, TV and OOH are the top 3 performing mediums in delivering ROI;

  • oOh!’s retail, experiential and big billboard formats deliver greater ROI results than television advertising, delivering ROI’s of +99%, +26% and +6% respectively;
  • OOH can increase the ROI synergy by 15% when coupled with TV and 23% when combined with TV and digital advertising; and,
  • OOH ROI, whilst strong year round, increases in the traditional television non-ratings period from December to January and becomes the number one traditional medium in driving ROI.


The Leading Edge’s head of Quantitative research and analytics, Paul Sinkinson, said that for the first time they have been able to cut their robust bank of data, to show how OOH stacks up against other mediums, what formats deliver greater ROI, the return each medium delivers for specific categories and the value each medium delivers by campaign spend.

“While we have been helping advertisers interrogate their media and marketing activity and the impact that it has on sales, we have never before consolidated all of the studies we have undertaken for our clients to look at the effectiveness of particular mediums,” Mr Sinkinson said.

“What the 140 plus studies the team at The Leading Edge have run, shows that certain OOH formats play a huge role in delivering advertisers with real results and unmissable campaigns. This is particularly evident when you look at the geographic, and community spread, as well as the digital screen technology, that a company like oOh! can deliver throughout Australia.”

The research outcomes are a driving factor behind oOh!’s launch of its new brand position, Unmissable, to capture the full reach and impact of OOH advertising.
oOh! Chief Executive, Brendon Cook, said the research supported the Unmissable positioning which will be brought to life by advertising, trade promotions and new OOH buying solutions.

“We know that the fast changing media landscape has meant that the consumer is more in control and advertising is more vulnerable than ever before with ad content being skipped, paused, zapped and or time shifted,” Mr Cook said.

“In a world of missable media, oOh! offers Unmissable products where advertisers are in control.

“The research findings prove that our extensive national multi-format media inventory is Unmissable in terms of reaching, engaging and impacting audiences to drive sales. oOh! is everywhere Australians live their lives.

“During any week, more Australians pass one or more oOh! signs – on roads and motorways, in shopping centres, cafés, airport terminals, sport centres, university campuses or pubs.”

“We expect the OOH influence on sales will increase further as consumers engage more deeply, using their mobile devices to interact with our inventory.

“There is no other medium that is as pervasive, physical, persistent or persuasive than OOH nor any other media company that is within such close proximity to places where people make brand decision than oOh!”

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