Dimetapp’s latest national cold and flu advertising campaign will feature on oOh! Media’s digital retail and café screens when the temperature drops below the local winter average.

oOh!’s digital screens will be programmed to trigger ads alerting shoppers and café customers to the benefits of Dimetapp when the daily minimum forecast temperature is colder than the local area’s monthly minimum average.

oOh!’s CEO, Brendon Cook said “This is the first time in Australia we’ve run a national campaign during winter that controls content based on how cold it is in a range of geographically targeted areas.

“The temperature controlled scheduling will see Dimetapp’s digital advertising run on a network of almost 600 retail and café screens across the country during the coldest days of Winter.

“The flexibility of our world leading digital signage enables us to schedule advertising based on the temperature – or “temperature-parting” – making it possible for advertisers to change their message based on the temperature at each location.

Building awareness in targeted areas when it’s biting cold increases the relevance of Dimetapp message.

Dimetapp wanted to maximise sales and being able to target ad placement, and schedule advertising based on the temperature will give them the best possible conversion,” Brendon said.

Pfizer’s Dimetapp campaign will run on two hundred of oOh!’s retail digital panels, and 380 of oOh!’s café digital screens during Winter.

oOh! is a leading provider of digital media and has built a digital network of more than 2,000 screens in environments such as airports, shopping malls, bars, cafes, social sport centres and university campuses throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Digital Out of Home advertising enables advertisers to interact with consumers beyond the panel by utilising smartphone capabilities, apps and Wi-Fi. oOh!’s innovative backend systems enable dynamic and responsive signage with social media amplification through Tap or Scan making it possible to download information or music, buy event tickets and play games on mobile devices.

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