Garry Horner and Craig Buchanan from The Brand Agency and Richard Williams and Anthony Phillips from Clemenger BBDO are set to travel to the Cannes Lions International Festival to find out what it takes to produce the most effective out-of-home creative in the world.’

The Brand Agency’s sinister vulture “Milesfrom anywhere campaign”and Clemenger BBDO’s cheeky regional out-of-home creative for Carlton Draught saw the two agency’s announced as the overall Metro and Regional winners of oOh!media’s Big Creative Awards.

The winning executions were chosen from16 short listed finalists for best meeting the ‘Five Golden Rules’ ofgood billboard creative, which were developed by oOh! last year following extensive consumer research.

Over the past nine months all creative run on oOh!’s billboards across Australia was automatically entered into theBig Creative Awards program, whichwas established by oOh!to recognise and build awareness of effective outdoor advertisingafter the poor showing of Australian out-of-home creative at Cannes last year.

Clemenger’s Richard Willams believes oOh!’s Awards were a timely focus on creative for billboards: This competition has reminded agencies to think harder about developing campainable attention grabbing creative that delivers results to the client rather than just developing one-off stunts. We’re honoured to be a winner and it’s certainly focused our attention on the quality of creative work for out of home advertising.

The Brand Agency’s Garry Horner commended oOh! for their initiative saying Large format billboards provide us with a huge canvas with which to creatively and effectively engage consumers, but you have to stick to the basics , which for us are, simplicity , surprise and a smile. Luckily for us we have a client who shares this belief and this award is testament to that.

The Five Golden Rulesfor any billboard to be most effectiveare: simplicity, clear branding, visual appeal, language and innovation.

The Brand Agency’s RAC creative that features four sinister vultures peering down from a freeway billboard reminding passing motorists of the value of RAC membershipwon the Metro prize, as oOh!’s judging panelsaid it was extremely innovative and bothcleverlyand effectivelyexecuted.

Motorists heading out of Perth can’t missthe RAC creative, withitsclever message ‘Yep, you’re miles from anywhere’, on bright yellow background that reinforces theRAC branding and ensures it’s easy to read, understand and also entertains, National oOhroad! Manager, Steve Danaher said.

Carlton Draught’s Best served with ├û campaign by Clemenger won the Regional prize and was chosen for its cheeky, witty copy that appeals to the target demographic, plus its visual clarity.

Its simple use of clear yellow copy and imagery on a black background ensure the copy is easy to read and the beer is seen in a matter of seconds, Mr Danaher said.

Congratulations to Clemenger BBDO and The Brand Agency.Winning this Award isrecognition that their creativeworks harder and more effectively than most.

Running these Awards has enabled us to showcase some of the better billboard advertising in Australia, that are not just creative but effectively reach out to the consumer.”