A new normal

As we shift in to Level 4 Alert Level, New Zealanders face a new reality.

Nobody knows how long we’ll be in lockdown, but for the next few weeks at least, our daily routines look very different. We are no longer spending considerable time sitting in traffic on our daily commute to the CBD, nor are we ducking out to pick up lunch down the road from the office. Our new daily routine is focused entirely in and around our neighbourhoods – including exercising, picking up essential supplies from the local supermarket, and taking the kids for a walk, as well as juggling the working from home scenario.

What is the data telling us?

Our partnership with Mobile Location Intelligence company, Landmarks ID, has enabled us to conduct an audience analysis over the last 5x weeks to understand how the Unique Reach and Frequency of oOh! Street assets have been affected by COVID-19, revealing the following insights:

  • Kiwi’s are still moving about – but in their home suburbs, and less often
  • Unique Reach:
    • Auckland and Wellington CBD audiences are down over the last 5x weeks
    • However, Suburban assets are far less affected
  • Frequency:
    • Audiences that are continuing to move about in the CBD and Suburbs are passing a similar volume of oOh! assets on a weekly basis.

We will be releasing the full analysis to market shortly.

We’re right there with you New Zealand

With oOh!media’s true national urban and suburban coverage, we’re right there with all New Zealanders as they keep to their neighbourhoods during this period.

Our infrastructure network, supporting the public transport system across New Zealand’s major cities, will continue to provide shelter for essential workers and those without personal transport options as they go to supermarkets and pharmacies. These will be rigorously cleaned and maintained to protect the public from transmission from the hard surfaces.

Furthermore, our Retail network is still open for essential services. With 40 centres located in neighbourhoods across the country, we are right there with New Zealanders who are shopping for their essential supermarket and pharmacy items.

We’ll also be posting important messages, across both street and retail, from our government and council partners, keeping communities informed and updated throughout this time.

Stay safe, New Zealand.