New Zealand has shifted to level 2, a ‘safe version of normal’. The move to level two marks the return of the work commute, school run and trips out celebrating with friends.

The Return of Retail

Malls opened around the country, with increased hygiene and social distancing measures, at level 2 and with that brought big crowds wanting to get their shopping fix. 

Kiwi consumers are planning to shop big post lockdowns. oOh!media’s Covid-19 Pulse Consumer Research shows Kiwi consumers are excited to get back shopping. 

  • 51% intend to do more shopping in a physical store than pre Covid-19 –compared to only 14% who plan to reduce their in-store purchases post-Covid-19 compared to before the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • 30% of all Kiwis are more likely to visit their local shopping centre more often (than pre-Covid-19) while 22% are more likely to visit larger shopping centres more often compared to before the Covid-19 outbreak.

What is the data telling us?

Kiwis are on the move again, getting out and about while looking forward to socialising and shopping.

Data measuring audience movements past oOh!’s national network of 1,600 street furniture assets such as bus shelters paints a revealing picture of a gradual increase in the public leaving their homes.

People movements in suburbs are increasing by 5 per cent a week, highlighting the growing confidence people have for being out in public. This is backed up by average distance travelled per day, which is up 31 per cent compared to the Level 4 lockdown period.

It is also reinforced by data showing that the number of Kiwis staying in a single suburb during a typical week, 24 per cent, is the lowest since the lockdown began, reflecting how people are now venturing further and further from home.  

Getting you ahead of the curve

The movement data echoes the optimism found in a new survey commissioned by oOh!media of 500 New Zealanders across the country. The key findings are:

  •  64 percent agree that when social distancing restrictions have been removed they intend to get out and about more compared to before the outbreak.
  • 76 percent of Kiwis agree they will feel more appreciative of outdoors and outdoor destinations compared to before.
  • 51 percent intend to do more shopping in bricks and mortar stores.
  • 86 percent indicated they would maintain heightened personal hygiene levels.
  • 54 percent said they intend to be more social once restrictions are relaxed.
  • Almost 7 in 10 would be happy to travel between Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 fear a sharpening of the curve with the arrival of winter.
  • 79 percent said their appreciation for healthcare workers had increased.
  • 3 in 5 currently working from home are looking forward to returning to the office.
  • 65 percent agree they will be more appreciative of once ‘mundane’ day-to-day activities that allow them to be out and about (e.g. commuting to work), compared to before the outbreak.
  • 67 percent intend to take a short road-trip once all social distance restrictions have been removed and life returns to a new normal.

We’re right there with you New Zealand

While droves of Kiwi’s are returning to work, school and recreational activities, many are still working from home. Over 88% of oOh! assets are located in suburban areas across the country, reaching people in their local communities, commutes and on the school run. 

oOh! provides proximity to points of purchase across the country, allowing clients to own the journey to the supermarket, mall, pharmacy or local parks/beaches as people increasingly move around. 

Supporting our team of 5 million

In neighbourhoods across the country watch out for the ‘In Isolation’ exhibition. A collaboration between oOh!media and Urban Art Foundation to bring New Zealand’s largest outdoor art showcase of works created by local artists during lockdown. This will run until the end of May. 

We also continue to work with Youthline, a key community partner. Youthline has launched a campaign calling for donations and letting Kiwis know there is somebody there to listen when they need. 

Where does our data come from? 

The audience mobility data shows audience flow past oOh!’s national Street Furniture network of 1,667x assets. It is generated from anonymized, aggregated GPS data from our panel of 70,000 consenting mobile users provided by mobile location experts Landmarks ID.

Our consumer insights come from independent research panel provider, Dynata. The resulting Pulse Report comes from quantitative research of over 500 New Zealanders via an online consumer panel which is a nationally representative sample based on age and geographic location.