Within 24 hours from conceiving its Cyclone update concept, Suncorp Insurance was broadcasting its claims hotline information to Queenslanders from more than 220 oOh!media digital signs.

Suncorp’s “We’re here to help” campaign was broadcast over three days with the ability to alter the message if required, all made possible because of the capability of oOh!’s digital network.

oOh!’s Chief Executive Officer, Brendon Cook, said never before has there been such immediacy to broadcast messages in response to climatic events.

“Suncorp’s campaign is the first to utilise digital immediacy and could tailor the messages based on location of the screens,” Mr Cook said.

“Few other media has the ability to immediately broadcast time critical messages to large numbers of the public who are out and about in the communities, targeted to specific locations.  Digital screens provide great flexibility where an advertiser needs to move quickly to get their message to market.

“Our network reaches a huge amount of Queenslanders via digital screens in shopping centre, universities, cafes and pubs, as well as Brisbane’s newest and largest digital Story Bridge billboard that reaches millions of people.”

Suncorp Insurance Executive Manager–Marketing Chris Wilton said: “Using oOh!’s network gives us immediacy, broadcast reach and flexibility to send important messages to the community based on location.

“Digital screens are one of the few immediate options available to broadcast community messages,” he said.

oOh! is Australia’s largest outdoor advertising company, with the largest digital network in Australia, consisting of more than 1,900 screens covering roadside billboards, shopping centres, universities, airports, cafes, social sport centres and hotels backed by ARGYLE, the most advanced proprietary content management system in the country.

Mr Cook said oOh! has invested more than $50 million to date in proprietary platforms, hosting and infrastructure to enable instant, engaging messages to the broadest reach.

“It’s not too far away when advertisers can access an automated portal, upload messages and broadcast them immediately to certain locations”, Mr Cook said.

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