A giant 3D Vespa looming out of a billboard over Taylor Square is among the winners of the final round of the BIG Creative Awards launched last year by oOh! to recognise and build awareness of effective outdoor advertising run on its billboards. Additional stand out creative include Fairfax’s Drive.com campaign, Synchromesh’s Norton Fly Vs Car creative and Eleven Communications’ Who needs energy drinks? billboard, chosen by oOh! as winners of the final two rounds of its BIG Creative awards.

The four agencies will each receive a $500 bar tab to celebrate their win and are shortlisted, along with 12 other agencies, to compete for the major prize of return tickets to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festivalin June.

Kinetic’s special build for Peroni of a 3D giant Vespa at Darlinghurst that weighed over 120kgs, was chosen for its innovative approach to design, construction and positioning of the Peroni brand as a famous Italian style icon.

The special build at Darlinghurst was a clear stand-out, and the showpiece of their entire outdoor campaign,Steve Danaher, National manager for oOhroad! said.

Fairfax’s Drive.com creative was simple but generated a loud and clear message to motorists.

The Drive.com advert is extremely effective given its placement and its basic language and colouring means fast travelling motorists can’t miss it, Mr Danaher said.

Synchromesh’s agency’s parallel between Norton and viruses and a fly hitting a car windscreen also teamed a clever idea, with its environment, demanding motorists’ attention and giving them something to think about during their commute.

The visual simplicity of Eleven Communications’ creative outdoor execution and creative idea for Australian Bananas ensured the message was easily and readily understood, Mr Danaher said.

Next week oOh! will announce the overall winner for the Best Metro and Regional billboard creative from the 16 shortlisted finalists that best meets the Five Golden Rules of good billboard creative,according to consumers.

The Five Golden Rules are: simplicity, clear branding, visual appeal, language and innovation, and we redeveloped through an extensive consumer research study undertaken by oOh! last year.

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