Kettle’s Chunky Chips will not only stand out – but will be ‘heard’ – in shopping centres across Australia as oOh! Media converts over 60 shopaLites into either gigantic packets of chips or audio enabled panels, to make shoppers aware of Snackbrands’ new product range.

The Kettle Chunky campaign comes after another successful retail campaign for Snackbrands’ CC’s Thins Popped range earlier this year.

When shoppers walk past 38 of the shopaLite panels, their movement will trigger audio of someone chomping on the chunky chips followed-by a “that’s crunchy” voice over, Ctrl click here to listen to audio & push play

Shoppers will also be impacted by giant-sized Kettle Chucky Chip packets that stand approximately 2 metres tall and are over 11 times bigger than a standard 180g packet.

Blair Hamilford, Commercial Director Sales –Retail, said Snackbrands will impact the retail environment as they have the perfect combination of creativity and reach using a mix of static, special build and audio shopaLite panels as well as landscape digital panels.

“It used to be that special builds were few and far between, but now clients are requesting campaignable quantities because of the cut-through and reach achieved.

“Increasingly clients are utilising the production capabilities of shopaLites for new product launches to influence shoppers close to the point of purchase,” he said.

Kettle’s Chunky Chips retail away from home campaign will run for three months and includes: over 200 static and digital shopaLites; 38 audio shopaLite panels; 25 special builds of giant packets across shopping centres nationally. 11 big billboards will also support the campaign nationally to help provide mass reach and help influence shoppers as they are away from home.

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