Village Roadshow’s latest out-of-home retail campaign to promote The Hunger Games Catching Fire DVD release has integrated gaming technology to raise the bar on shopper interactivity, in-store impact and online share-ability.

In the largest interactive Tap or Scan campaign in Australia, whenever a shopper taps or scans their mobile device to access the Catching Fire memory game, all the digital panels running the campaign within that Westfield centre will appear to
catch on fire

The Hunger Games Catching Fire campaign by oOh! Media reaches around 5 million shopper contacts and impacts many more people through online sharing.

The campaign not only entices the shopper to play the game with a daily $200 Westfield voucher prize for the fastest player, but also encourages them to share the game via social media giving them and their friends the chance to win a $1,000 Westfield voucher.

Blair Hamilford, oOh!’s Commercial Director Sales-Retail, said agencies are realising just how powerful interactive retail advertising is to engage with shoppers and drive awareness away-from-home and online.

oOh! has established permanent NFC and QR connection to around 7,000 sites in Australia and New Zealand.”

“Village Roadshow’s advertising uses digital panels and Tap or Scan technology to go a step beyond awareness, by engaging with shoppers, and then taking a further step by encouraging online sharing,” Mr Hamilford said.

”oOh! developed the concept of the memory game and developed the back-end systems to take the campaign well beyond the consumers’ first contact with the digital panel.”

The game and promotional mechanics of the campaign involve the shopper tapping or scanning their mobile device onto the retail advertising to be directed to a mobile site where they play the memory game by matching the mocking-jay pin motifs.

The fastest shopper to complete the memory game on each day of the two week retail campaign, will win a $200 Westfield voucher. On game completion the shopper is encouraged to share the game with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to win a $1,000 Westfield voucher.

The campaign kicked off last week and will run for 14 days across 77 digital and static Tap or Scan enabled panels in Westfield shopping centres across Australia’s Eastern Seaboard and 142 static panels nationally.”

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