As the cooler mornings start to set in, Quakers Oats are embarking on an innovative campaign to become the first advertiser to use oOh!’s multiple retail channels to drive a sales promotion run exclusively through Coles.

The multi-channel retail strategy – which combines mobile phone messaging, static and digital retail signage and in-store product sampling – enables Quakers Oats to reach, connect and engage with shoppers on the path to purchase at over 80 strategically targeted shopping centres.

Shoppers will receive a mobile message which reads ‘20% off Quakers Oats’ as well as informing them that they can try the oats in a Coles store running the promotion. As they walk through the shopping centre, the Quakers Heaps of Fruit Oats advertising on static and digital panels will provide a second opportunity to reach shoppers before finally being tempted to taste the new Heaps of Fruit Oats in Coles stores delivered by oOh!’s experiential team – oOh! Factor.

Emma Kay, Senior Account Director at Phd, said: “What’s unique about this campaign is our ability to target and engage the shopper at multiple points on their path to purchase.

“Our depth of communication increases with the shoppers’ experience and time in-centre.  We believe that focusing our efforts on reaching and engaging consumers just prior to the point of purchase we are more likely to influence decisions and as a result, drive sales.”

Blair Hamilford, oOh!’s Commercial Director Sales – Retail, said the campaign demonstrated how through its blend of in-centre advertising, experiential marketing and mobile technology expertise, oOh! can deliver a retailer support campaign that not only creates awareness, but promotes trial and ultimately drives sales.

“It’s great to see clients embracing and utilising new technology to contribute to a campaign’s success,” he said.

“Using multiple retail channels will enable Quaker Oats to not only build awareness and target their messaging, but to engage with shoppers through trial and ultimately drive sales by influencing them multiple times just prior to their purchase decision.”

The Quakers Oats campaign will involve three flights of activity, two weeks apart, with sampling and mobile offers available in the first two weeks.

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