In a world-first advertising campaign, Porsche drivers will attract more attention than usual with a new digital out-of-home campaign that will display a tailored message on a Melbourne Airport digital billboard when the luxury car approaches it.

The innovative campaign, created by Australia’s largest out-of-home company, oOh! Media, will automatically change the content on the digital billboard with the message “It’s so easy to pick you out of a crowd” when a Porsche approaches.

The car recognition technology developed by oOh! with Digital Experiences uses IBM software and oOh!’s own content management system ARGLYE to identify oncoming Porsches before revealing the message for 10 seconds.

The new digital campaign further cements oOh!’s position in its leadership of evolving out-of-home from being billboard providers to a new media player delivering the most dynamic and interactive out of home platforms for advertisers to better engage with customers.

Other innovations the company has introduced as part of its digital strategy have included the launch of QView and Hijacked integrated online platforms, development of “Parting” technology to enable contextual advertising pending the temperature or time of day, and “trigger” technology that serves up advertisements relevant to the content being shown on its digital assets.

John Purcell, Commercial Director, Operations and Technology at oOh!, said the world first concept, developed specifically for Porsche by oOh!’s Creative Services team, demonstrates the multiple new ways digital billboards can be used to create a unique customer experience for brands.

“A camera located 300 metres from the billboard analyses the approaching vehicle make and model in real-time to identify if the car is a Porsche. Once a Porsche is detected it triggers the tailored message to be displayed as the Porsche is approaching,” Mr. Purcell said.

“Over one week, this particular billboard will reach up to two hundred thousand travellers as they make their way to one of Australia’s busiest airports. It’s another great example of oOh!’s Unmissable capabilities in reaching audiences.

“oOh!’s broader digital strategy is not just about upgrading our current sites into digital billboards, it’s about creating solutions to help clients find creative ways to engage with their customers.”

Toni Andreevski, Director of Marketing, Porsche Cars Australia, said It’s appropriate that Porsche is part of this world first highlighting the award winning excellence of the Porsche brand.

The power and flexibility of digital technology today is a real winner for high value brands to reach just the right audience.”

The 50 square metre billboard ad on Airport Drive will be “live” for five days starting Saturday, 10 January.

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