Australian shoppers will no longer be without an inspirational recipe for their next dinner, with the launch of a year-long campaign by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) using oOh! Media’s innovative dispensing shopaLites.

The campaign will see shoppers provided with a series of beef and lamb based recipes with the push of a button on 15 dispensing shopaLite panels in key shopping centres across the Eastern Seaboard.

MLA committed to the larger and longer retail campaign following a successful one month campaign earlier this year, where more than 20,000 recipes were distributed from 10 dispenser shopaLites.

Blair Hamilford, Commercial Director Sales – oOh! Retail, said MLA’s year-long commitment to the retail shopaLite campaign, proves how well the channel works in building awareness and influencing thousands of shoppers when they are close to butchers and supermarkets.

“This is a classic example of how engagement drives sales. Shoppers can gain cooking inspiration from the panels, and then purchase the ingredients they need.

“The client also gets immediate reporting on how well the campaign is going, and how many recipes have been dispensed,” he said.

Andrew Cox, Group Marketing Manager for MLA said, “We are always looking for new ways to get our message across and these interactive recipe dispensing panels are a great way to link our campaign material with the provision of great beef and lamb meal ideas to Australian shoppers..”

Spring Lamb will kick off the campaign, followed by other theme-based recipes throughout the year such as Australia Day, Summer BBQ and Winter Warmer.

The recipe dispensing shopaLites were created by oOh! especially for the MLA and a national, static shopaLite campaign will support the recipe dispensing campaign.

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