French drone manufacturer Parrot came to oOh!media with a challenge: how best to drive brand awareness and reach its target audience of 18-54 year old Australian males for a national Christmas advertising campaign.

Using a combination of oOh!’s audience location and buyergraphic data, oOh! collaborated with Parrot and Melbourne’s The Sphere Agency to strategically select the appropriate channels within its national Out Of Home (OOH) network to bring the campaign to life.

As a result, Parrot’s new Disco FPV, Bepop 2 FPV and MiniDrones will feature in a three-week, multi-channel campaign across 240 digital screens in Road, Fly and Retail environments in the lead up to Christmas Day.

Michaela Chan, oOh!’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Parrot wanted to target the 18-54 year old male demographic because they are the largest buyers of drones. We know there is a massive upswing in Christmas shopping, air travel and road travel as people head into Christmas and we were able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our range of assets across OOH category.

“Our solution includes using 120 Entice advertising screens that are located on main thoroughfares en route to selected retailers where Parrot has product on the shelves.”

Ms Chan added: “Retail advertising in the consumer electronics category, for example, delivers twice the ROI of television by reaching consumers in a spending mindset and on the path to purchase. Experiential, billboards and other retail also deliver above average ROI.

“The campaign will also be in high-dwell time locations such as airport baggage carousels and taxi queues on oOh!’s Collect & Connect TV screens. The Parrot range can also be seen on prominent billboards such as our five-storey high digital screen in Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne.

“With our national network, we estimated the Parrot campaign had the potential to reach 67.6 per cent of Australian males aged 18-54 with a frequency of 5.8 times each, giving a total of 14 million viewing opportunities.”

Florea Nuthall, Media Director at The Sphere Agency, said: “We set oOh! this task – we wanted to ensure our creative was going to be in the right places at the right time. We wanted the campaign to be unmissable in the lead up to Christmas when our target market are shopping, flying and travelling on the roads.

“We were impressed by the insights that oOh! brought to the table and the breadth of its digital inventory from which we worked together and selected the best sites to advertise our campaign for Parrot drones.”

Media agency: The Sphere Agency

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