Leading Out Of Home advertising company oOh!media is racing ahead of expectations in its rollout of digital large format signs in premium roadside locations across Australia.

Since the beginning of 2016, oOh! has grown the number of digital large format roadside sites from 26 to 41.  Including locations approved for construction, the total is set to rise to 50 by the end of the year.

This is well ahead of oOh!’s previous schedule of 50 digital large format roadside conversions by the end of 2018.

Among the new digital roadside sites is Sydney’s Olympic Park, which goes live today and is the only digital billboard on Sydney’s key M3 ring road that connects the city’s Southern and Northern suburbs.

Other recent sites include key locations on Brisbane’s Gateway Motorway, Melbourne’s Westgate Freeway and Adelaide’s Hindley and Morphett streets. oOh!’s digital large format inventory in Retail is also booming with the introduction of 20 EVOKE screens in the heart of major shopping centres so far this year, taking the total of 48.

With another 25 EVOKE screens to be rolled out, the total is expected to be 73 by the end of 2016 across Australia’s most prominent retail environments.

oOh! now has a network of more than 120 large format digital screens in place across its roadside, airport and retail environments, with a further 19 approved for development.

Its digital offering also includes more than 6,000 screens in retail and place-based environments such as universities, cafes, office towers, venues, gyms and sport centres as well its own content platforms Junkee, Hijacked, inthemix, FasterLouder, and ShortPress.

oOh! CEO Brendon Cook said oOh! was fast-tracking digital conversions of premium classic signs to enhance its unmatched national digital scale to allow advertisers to use digital Out Of Home like never before.

“Our end-to-end digital strategy aims to help advertisers gain deeper engagement through meaningful and innovative content and the introduction of technology that drives interactivity such as our EXCITE panels,” Mr Cook said.

“We have developed the network and capability to extend content from mobile and social environments with our 360 degree approach to ensure the customer’s engagement continues.

“We’re underpinning all of this by developing big data analytics to give insights and reporting metrics to advertisers and to enable them to create contextually relevant campaigns at the right locations.

“The digital strategy is seeing the emergence of quality creative thinking by advertisers and as a result we are seeing some amazing unmissable campaigns across our network.”

Mr Cook added that despite the expansion of oOh!’s large format digital network, classic billboards continued to play an important part of its inventory and would remain an integral part of how advertisers continue to plan and buy their campaigns.

“Advertisers are now understanding the value of having a strategic mix of classic and digital signs in their Out Of Home campaigns,” he said.

Research by PosterScope in the UK found that when classic and digital were combined, it resulted in an increase in brand awareness by 31 per cent, campaign message take-out by 61 per cent, brand perception also by 61 per cent; and an increase in advertising cut-through by three times.

* http://pioneeringooh.com/classic-digital-delivering-brand-effectiveness-…

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