A new era has dawned for retail advertisers with the launch by innovative Out Of Home media company oOh!media of New Zealand’s first retail audience measurement system.

Called CRAFT, the reach and frequency audience measurement system is based on multiple data sources that will give advertisers better insights to help generate effective campaign planning.

Adam McGregor, oOh!’s General Manager New Zealand, said today: “CRAFT has been designed specifically for the New Zealand retail market with New Zealand data.

“CRAFT demonstrates that our fast-growing, full motion digital retail network has a unique reach of 75 per cent of the population in oOh!’s nine media regions of Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

“This is particularly exciting for us as it demonstrates that we can fulfil two crucial roles for advertisers, the traditional path to purchase presence and now strong national broadcast reach.”

Mr McGregor said oOh! spent three years developing CRAFT, or Connected Reach and Frequency Targeting, for New Zealand.

“Understanding the demographic distribution of people who use shopping centres across a city gives media buyers and advertisers a powerful and robust tool to make accurate decisions and employ effective strategies.

“We believe CRAFT is an important milestone for accountability in Out Of Home and demonstrates the powerful national reach that retail media can provide,” he said.

CRAFT uses geo-mapping and visualisation capability and builds a picture of the lives of consumers by fusing data from 35 sources including a range of New Zealand shopping centre-specific data sets, National Bureau of Statistics data and proprietary data.

oOh!’s network will extend soon to Queenstown following a recent contract win with the Stride Property Group for the Remarkables Park Town Centre.

oOh!’s roll out of CRAFT this month to the media industry follows heavy investment in New Zealand over the past year.

oOh! has built the country’s most dynamic and largest digital Out Of Home screen network that is capable of delivering not only full motion video content but also levels of retail audience interactivity and data capture never seen before in Out Of Home advertising.

Mr McGregor said: “In 2017 oOh! will be in 50 shopping centres with three quarters of our network being digital, all managed by our class-leading content management systems, allowing almost every form of creative feed imaginable.

“oOh! systems can deliver the most engaging displays in New Zealand Out Of Home, either targeted serving of ads by geography, client defined data, or social feeds and display of user generated content.”

He said oOh! developed CRAFT along with internationally-recognised analytics agency, The Demographer’s Workshop, specialists in harnessing big data and using geographic information systems to understand the movement of people, their purchase behavior and response to advertising campaigns.

What is CRAFT?

  • CRAFT is the first retail audience measurement system in NZ and it was specifically designed for New Zealand.
  • Launched by leading Out Of Home business oOh!media, it will provide unique reach, average frequency and total contacts metrics for retail campaigns across various durations and demographics. That is, the total number of different people exposed to a campaign, the number of times the average person is exposed to a campaign and the overall number of exposures a campaign achieves.
  • CRAFT helps to calculate the right weighting of advertising panels, retail centre combination and campaign duration to optimise specified reach goals.
  • Women aged 25-54 have the highest frequency as shoppers in New Zealand. While males might not shop as frequently, just as many males are reached in shopping centres as women.
  • Analysis during the development of CRAFT also found that New Zealanders tend to go to shopping centres more frequently than Australians. NZ weekly 32 pc and fortnightly 18pc; Australians 28pc and 14pc.

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