To help launch the new Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+, Clinique’s first ever out-of-home billboard campaign features two innovatively lit billboards that demonstrate the glow the product can deliver its users.

To support Clinique’s largest product launch since its inception in Australia 40 years ago, oOh!’s expert in-house design and production team developed a halo effect around the bottle on the billboard creative, to give the appearance of light radiating from the bottle day and night.

The effect was created by mounting a 2D extension of the bottle over the top of the existing billboard and back lighting it using LED lights.  The light radiates from beneath the bottle extension and out to the sides to give the impression of a halo.

The Clinique Halo billboards will be hard to miss with over 2.8 million contacts viewing the landmark sites of Taylor Square, Darlinghurst in Sydney and the Chapel St & Toorak Rd intersection in Melbourne day and night.

The Halo billboard campaign will run until September, supported by a national landscape digital pack in key shopping centres until the end of August.

Group Director of oOh! Road Noel Cook said: “We wanted to produce something radically different, to add to the wow factor for this campaign launch.

“The Halo campaign is another example of how committed our design and production team is to delivering cutting edge, innovative solutions to maximise the impact of our clients’ ads.

“Over the past 10 years we’ve been honing our design and production expertise to produce world-class special build concepts,” he said

Clinique marketing manager, Renee De Celis, said it was time to think differently for its biggest launch in 40 years.

“We’re advertising on billboards because we want to make a bigger statement and reach a larger broadcast audience”, Renee De Celis said.

oOh! continues to be the forerunner in developing creative opportunities away-from-home.  This includes innovative, bespoke solutions for billboards, inflatable and building wraps, ShopaLite extensions and dispensing panels, to enabling campaigns that go beyond the panel giving consumers deeper online engagement with brands.

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