Australia’s only national provider of Airport advertising, oOh!media today announced it has launched ‘Collect & Connect TV,’ a new digital advertising network reaching flyers at airport baggage carousels across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The latest phase in oOh!’s extensive digital strategy, ‘Collect & Connect TV’ offers the networked reach of 44 screens capable of full motion animation and audio content at baggage carousels across all capital city airports.

It will provide the flexibility to run high definition 15 to 60 second TVC spots in standard, widescreen or modified format, equipped with sound capabilities.

oOh!’s Group Director of Fly!, Robbie Dery said ‘Collect & Connect TV’ will reach more than 70 per cent of flyers within airports nationally. That’s a total of 3.7 million flyers per month.

“’Collect and Connect TV’ taps into an audience that we know has an average of 12 minutes dwell time in front of screens waiting for their bags to arrive when they get off their flight.

“This new digital network entertains and engages what is essentially a captive audience with contextually relevant real time updates and interesting content intertwined with advertising opportunities.

“We are offering advertisers full TVC capability to an audience that we know is growing and where the advertising cannot be switched off,” Mr Dery said.

Collect & Connect TV has launched with Roadshow Films Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 release as well as ANZ.

‘Collect & Connect TV’ is available across six terminals: Sydney (Qantas), Melbourne (Qantas and Multi-airline), Brisbane (Qantas and Multi-airline) and Perth (Qantas).


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