A gigantic five-metre shaver appears to be scraping off parts of a billboard promoting Dove deodorant, while a life-size helicopter hovers above LYNX’s latest “Make Love Not War” campaign.

The eye-catching billboards are the latest special builds developed by oOh! Media to help amplify the impact of each of the Unilever brands’ new campaigns in Sydney and Melbourne.

Head of production at oOh!, John Purcell, said two and three dimensional extensions and other production techniques added extra impact and memorability to the billboard campaigns.

“As a result advertisers welcome the fact that we not only respond to their media briefs, but proactively present them with creative solutions to really bring the campaign vision to life.

“In addition to 2-D and 3-D extensions, we also use other techniques such as lighting and LED panels to enhance a static creative,” Mr Purcell said.

Dove’s latest campaign that promotes awareness of the damage caused by shaving features a giant 3D shaver, made out of polystyrene foam, which extends beyond the billboard’s boundaries. (Click here to view video)

To launch the new LYNX Peace fragrance range, an image of a life-size helicopter protrudes from the latest LYNX billboard blurring the visual lines between reality and the ad to make consumers take a closer look.

“Both of these special builds add impact, and help make the campaign memorable to the consumer as they drive by.

“These campaigns exhibit techniques we have spent years refining, as we continue to trail blaze new innovations to ensure billboard campaigns are even more impactful and stand out,” Mr Purcell said.

Large landmark sites located in traffic bottlenecks were chosen for both the Dove and LYNX campaigns to reach drivers when they are stuck in traffic and have time to engage with such dynamic billboards.

The LYNX special build billboards will appear at Taylor Square in Sydney and Melbourne’s City Link whilst being supported by four large format billboards across the two cities. The giant Dove shaver will be seen on Parramatta Road at Camperdown and on Melbourne’s Kings Way to spearhead a national billboard campaign.

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