McDonald’s is raising the benchmark on temperature driven retail advertising, by scheduling different product advertising for its Loose Change Menu to run across oOh! Media’s retail digital network whether it’s hot or cold.

The latest campaign for McDonald’s Loose Change Menu will appear on digital screen in shopping centres across Australia for the next month, with advertising for its Frozen Coke and Choc Waffle Cone appearing when the local temperature rises above a predetermined temperature and its Rump Steak Taster when it drops below a predetermined temperature.

The temperature parting technology was pioneered by Australia’s largest out-of-home company two years ago to enable contextual advertising and uses the company’s proprietary in-house digital content management system ARGYLE.

oOh!’s head of production John Purcell said: “This McDonalds retail campaign uses “temperature-parting‟ that schedules highly targeted and relevant campaigns across our digital screens based on the local temperature in each location.

“Through ARGYLE, live data connections triggers the scheduling of the particular advertising to align with the local temperature. We are able to schedule content right down to an individual panel in a particular location.”

National Commercial Director Sales Phil Eastwood added “Temperature Parting‟ is one advantage of digital advertising. Other benefits include advertisers being able to display multiple targeted creative messages, do quick and easy copy changes, as well as advanced features like engaging people beyond the screen using their mobile devices and linking to social media.”

The McDonald’s campaign will also appear nationally on large format billboards and as part of a wider national campaign.

oOh!’s retail network reaches more than 14 million shoppers each fortnight who are in the right mindset to consider sales messages.

In addition to retail environments, oOh!’s technological capabilities are available across the entire digital network of 1,700 digital signs that includes big billboards and screens in Airports, Universities, Cafes, Venues and Sporting facilities across Australia. The ARGYLE platform powers all interactive campaigns across the entire digital network.

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