MAGGI’s latest ‘You and Maggi Cooking Up Fresh Ideas’ campaign to promote its new contemporary flavours has been boosted through a first in New Zealand – retail advertising panels that dispense a discount coupon for the range.

The dispensing ShopaLite technology – an initiative of retail advertising leader, oOh!media – features a button on the advertising panel that, when pressed, gives the shopper a coupon to receive a discount off the purchase of MAGGI’s recipe bases range.

The three specially built panels stand out in shopping centres across New Zealand and are part of a much larger six week oOh! Retail campaign with the potential to deliver more than six million New Zealand shopper contacts.

“This is a New Zealand first and a classic example of how engagement with consumers can directly drive sales” said oOh!’s Chief Executive Officer, Brendon Cook.

“oOh!s innovative dispensing ShopaLites are designed to encourage interaction between shoppers on the path to purchase. The shopper simply presses a button and receives a discount coupon which can then be easily redeemed within the supermarket.”

“These ShopaLites allows us to measure the success of the campaign. We can see how many coupons were dispensed and the exact number of shoppers who went in store to purchase.”

Christian Thomas, MAGGI’s brand manager said: “We were looking at a way to encourage shoppers to try our new contemporary flavours and partnering with oOh! has done just that!”

“A simple press of a button on these ShopaLites puts our brand into shopper’s hands right before they walk into the supermarket. It’s great for stimulating sales. You can’t get better than that!”

The coupon dispensing ShopaLites were created especially for MAGGI and a national, static ShopaLite campaign will support the voucher dispensing campaign.

The coupon dispenser units can be seen on ShopaLites running from 20 April 2015 for two weeks at:

  • Sylvia Park
  • Northlands
  • Botany

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