A great way to reach this prime youth market as they learn.

  • Students spend nearly 17.5 hours a week on campus
  • Students are twice as likely to be open to brand trial and new products
  • Nearly half of these students claim that OOH formats capture their attention
  • 50% of students can recall OOH advertising
  • 83% actively enter competitions
  • 75% find funny ads connect with them most
  • 96% of students own a smartphone
  • 57% spend a majority of their on campus during O-Week
  • 83% find themselves on one or more social media platforms on a regular basis
  • The study audience is growing at 6% per annum


Source: GeNZ 2016 survey | Toluna study 2010

Study Category research, Toluna for oOh! 2010 | Eye Tracking study, Access Testing for oOh! 2008 2012