Here at oOh! we pride ourselves on helping you achieve the best Return On Investment. To do this we partnered nmissabp with Neuro Insights to identify the right components for the most effective creative. As consumers, we like to think we are rational however our emotive side is much stronger and this is really what drives us to purchase and build brand loyalty. By understanding the emotive elements in the brain, we can produce a creative platform that works across all media.

We studied over 60 TVCs with the help of Neuro Insights who then used unique brain imaging technology to measure how the various subject’s brains responded to the different communications.

They used this technology to measure what the brain was doing based on various aspects such as different choices and purchase behaviours, which are applied independently or as a combination to produce several psychological constructs, which include:

  • Engagement
  • Attention
  • Emotional Intensity
  • Emotional valence (Approach/Withdraw)
  • Long-Term Memory Encoding from both parts of the brain

In order to make an OOH campaign the most memorable we found that using the strongest iconic triggers from a TVC is what will take that campaign to great lengths in terms of making it the most memorable and having the highest recall. Typically, one might assume the most memorable shot of a campaign might be the brand name or the product itself. However, our studies showed the opposite in most cases. An iconic trigger is whatever allows a consumer to access their long-term memory as well as emotive memory the most.  And long-term memory has been proven to drive campaign effectiveness because it leads to a change in behaviour.

So what we understand from this is:

  • Neuro can access long term memory
  • Long term memory is connected to behaviour
  • Each Ad has a replay button linked to long term memory
  • Iconic triggers on OOH delivers 42% uplift in long term memory
  • Accessing long-term memory increases ROI

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