Delivering a successful campaign by creating an optimised solution is something we are passionate about here at oOh! and what better time to do this than Summer. With the help of an independent NZ research company we interviewed over 300 New Zealanders to get some new and improved findings around shopping behaviours and attitudinals especially during Christmas and Summer.

At this time there are a variety of key events and holidays including Christmas, Boxing Day and school closures to positively drive consumer moods, which is why Retail spend is at its maximum.

Here are some reasons we found as to why Retail spend is at its peak during Summer:

  • 91% do their Christmas shopping in shopping centres with 92% shopping in summer sales
  • 3 in 5 agree they make more frequent visits to shopping centres
  • With shopping centres having extended opening hours during this time 75% agree they spend more time at shopping centres during Summer

Understanding consumer behaviour at Christmas:

  • 67% of females love Christmas shopping
  • 42% start Christmas shopping 3-4 weeks prior
  • 2 in 3 New Zealanders choose shopping centres as they know they can get everything they need in one location
  • 71% buy gifts for more than 5 people at Christmas with their highest spend being on confectionary followed by children’s toys
  • 67% are open to trying new products during this time

 Understanding consumer behaviour around Boxing day & New Years Sales:

  • 80% shop for themselves during Boxing Day sales
  • The highest category consumers spend on is clothing and shoes followed by electronics

Understanding consumer behaviour outside of Christmas & Sales:

  • 74% entertain family & friends more during this time of year
  • The average amount spent for back to school per child is $171 with $78 being spent on Valentines day per person

Understanding consumer mindset during summer:

  • 48% set New Year’s resolutions
  • The top two resolutions were around losing weight and improving personal finances

Summer provides a gamut of opportunities for brands to make the most out of their campaign by now being able to reach consumers when they are at the peak of their spending pattern.


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