With access to 176,000 students across New Zealand through our oOh! Study network we can cater to the needs of those otherwise generally hard to target Gen Z youths. But knowing this wasn’t enough because we needed to find out how we could reach the right students with the right content. So, oOh! decided to deep dive into the world of GenZs to connect with them further and bring you the right solution.

We interviewed over 300 students from across our metro & regional locations in New Zealand, which provided us with a complex array of information around their behaviours and attitudes.

Here are some key findings:

  • 55% say they spend a lot of time on campus
  • 47% agree that they notice brands that advertise on campus
  • 79% like to be well informed about the world
  • 75% find funny advertising connects with them the most
  • 50% say they always recall OOH advertising
  • 49% claim that advertising in shopping centres captures their attention with 47% of them claiming advertising in the Study environment captures their attention


  • 96% have a smart phone
  • 80% of them have a monthly phone bill that is less than $40


  • 74% plan to travel domestically in the next 12 months with 51% of them planning for international travel
  • 50% take out travel insurance before they travel


  • 69% have a debit card
  • 72% do most of their banking from their phone


  • 63% go to the cinema
  • 49% of women will go to a shopping centre for entertainment


  • 81% claim they shop 1-2 times a week
  • 49% eat takeaway once a week or more


  • 47% have purchased cola flavoured soft drinks in the past month
  • 49% like to consume drinks with healthy ingredients


  • 57% agree they will spend a lot of time on campus during O-week
  • Students flock in the thousands during O-Week


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