has rolled out its ‘Numbers’ campaign with Adshel, using the dynamic data capabilities of its national digital network, Adshel Live, to engage with consumers and promote the breadth and depth of its property listings. The three-week out-of-home campaign featured data drawn directly from, with location-specific information then illuminated on 110 Adshel Live screens across the country, to target audiences with relevant, tailored messaging about the local property market.

The campaign was built around the concept of numbers, first highlighting the sheer volume of’s nation-wide listings, and then drilling down to geo-targeted information at the suburb or street level, displaying up-to-the-minute facts and figures for properties available in that area. The 110 bespoke data feeds included the number of houses for sale locally as well as highlighting listings based on features, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or gardens, before pushing consumers to the one website where they can get all the information they need –

The campaign was further enhanced by integrating contextual information based on the time of day and day of week, promoting ‘showers’ in the morning, and ‘kitchens’ in the evening.  Similarly, on weekends the creative messaging switched to show the open home listings in the area.

Adshel New Zealand’s Sales and Marketing Director Ben Gibb said: “Adshel gives advertisers the power to reach audiences at scale, paired with the flexibility to create incredibly targeted and relevant campaigns, for greater effectiveness. was able to create a clear, contextually-relevant national campaign, to promote their scale and selection of properties in a fun and simple way. This campaign is a perfect example of Adshel Live’s dynamic capabilities, and we’re delighted with the execution.”

Vanessa Taylor, Head of Marketing said: “Operating in the online environment, it’s hugely important to us at to be able to showcase the power of our data in our advertising. Adshel has helped facilitate this, allowing us to showcase our data in real-time. Dynamic creative is a huge step forward for the New Zealand advertising market and we are proud to be one of the first movers in the space”. Mediacom’s Managing Director, Nigel Douglas spoke further about the opportunity that digital advertising enables: “One of the greatest opportunities for an industry leader like is tapping into their data. This technology gave a unique and relevant way to bring this to life.”

The campaign went live on Monday 11 July.


Campaign credits:
Media agency: Mediacom
Creative agency: BCG2