Auckland, NZ: oOh!media helped to warm up the streets of Auckland by creating the world’s largest pie warmer right in the heart of the CBD on Queen St. In partnership with Mackenzie Pies (Goodman Fielder) and Mango Communications, oOh! Studio has transformed a standard bus shelter into a life-size pie warmer for two weeks. A sure way to keep commuters toasty and dry in the cooler days.

oOh! Studio worked closely with Goodman Fielder, Mango and MBM to create the ultimate custom-build that looks and feels exactly like a real-life pie warmer. The execution includes two functioning outdoor heaters, a roof decal resembling heating elements, panorama wrap, floor and bench decal, posters and a 2D roof extension creating a highly immersive experience for commuters.

The world class pie warmer is to support the excitement around two new flavours that have launched to market: chicken and stuffing (the first of its kind in NZ) and lamb, rosemary and mint.

To further amplify the consumer experience, Mackenzie Pies and Mango handed out free pies to commuters in peak hours. The team got as many pies into the hands of consumers as possible, the perfect winter warmer!

Ben Gibb, oOh!media’s Head of Sales says “oOh! is delighted to bring Mackenzie Pies’ execution to life in our premium special build shelter. We are utilising all elements of a shelter takeover, maximising the impact of the build through bespoke printing techniques, push button activated heaters and sampling.”

This premium pie build is a wonderful example of oOh!media’s ability to deliver creative and innovative campaign solutions whilst working collaboratively, brought to life through oOh! Studio and creating impact at street level.