New Zealanders are being introduced to the immersive and interactive game, Jandalball, as oOh!media continues to push the creative boundaries to boost engagement between brands and audiences in a new Out of Home campaign for Blackmores New Zealand.

Jandalball, the latest campaign to utilise all of oOh!’s fully interactive EXCITE panels across the country in addition to a further 85 digital and classic retail signs nationally, was created in collaboration with PHD to promote the Blackmore’s multivitamin range to new and existing audiences by being playful and fun.

The game which leverages Blackmores ‘Get in the Mood to Move’ campaign, will see Kiwi shoppers challenged to move their bodies to get a high score by matching coloured jandals super imposed on their hands to corresponding coloured beach balls on an interactive screen.

oOh! Commercial & Integration Director for New Zealand Adam McGregor said the campaign not only made Blackmores unmissable to New Zealand shoppers, but through the interactive game element created engagement that extended beyond the screen.

“Each of the retail formats were used with a specific purpose in mind to ensure the campaign results were amplified,” Mr McGregor said.

“Shopalive and Shopalites were used to build brand awareness and extend reach and the EXCITE panels provided the interaction, engagement and fun the brand wanted to achieve.

“What’s more, the brand conversation is continued after exposure to the screen, with follow up SMS and emails being sent to those who engage with the Excite panel.”

Mr McGregor said EXCITE panels, which were pioneered by oOh!, use power-packed technologies – including multi-touch screens, Kinect 2.0 gesture control, voice recognition, web-cam, and 4G connection – to bring advertisements to life in a way that is subtle for the consumer, but also meaningful for the brand.

“EXCITE is an ideal solution to increase brand awareness and extended reach because it fosters sophisticated storytelling that immerses the consumer in the key messages of the brand,” he added.

Rene Bros, Blackmores NZ Country Manager, said the full motion capability as well as interactivity that oOh!’s formats provide enabled the brand to not only build brand equity through more sophisticated storytelling, but would also provide powerful reach.

“This campaign will reach 1.1 million unique people over the course of a fortnight,” Mr Bros said. “When you consider the fact that Jandalball produces socially sharable content for consumers in the form of a fun and quirky video replay, the potential campaign reach is further amplified.”

Jandalball is live nationwide from the 26th November until the 10th December 2018, with the 15 EXCITE panels located in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Palmerston North.



Download the press release here.