Media Release: 21 June, 2018

Adshel announces Reach Builder in further push towards audience-first OOH campaigns

Following the launch of Adshel Live Unbundled, Adshel continues to drive the next evolution in digital out-of-home (DOOH) by introducing Reach Builder, a new campaign delivery method offering advertiser’s even greater audience reach across the entire Adshel Live network of 250+ screens.

Since launching in June 2015, Adshel Live has continued to evolve the offering by introducing new initiatives, such as Day Buying and more recently the unbundling of Adshel Live packs to allow bespoke buying on the network.

Reach Builder is Adshel’s latest innovation, set to maximise the 1+ reach of Adshel Live campaigns. Traditionally, OOH advertising has been delivered on screens in a linear fashion where an advertiser books a set number of locations for a period, and their creative runs across those same locations for the entire campaign. Reach Builder will allow advertisers to vary the locations they appear on each day, distributing campaign messaging to additional areas and audiences, thereby increasing the reach of their campaign.

Of Reach Builder, Rick Goodwin, Digital Sales & Technology Manager at Adshel says;

“Digital out-of-home is on an evolutionary path away from asset buying and towards audience first buying. Reach Builder is a step in that direction, providing advertisers with the flexibility to impact a greater audience in a greater number of locations through a fluid, but 100 percent accountable, delivery of creative”.

Advertisers will have full transparency on which screens their advertising message will be delivered, prior to and post the campaign, with all sites adhering to targeting requirements.

The Adshel Live network consists of ultra-high definition screens in prime locations spanning the CBD to the inner and outer suburbs across Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and now Tauranga.

Adshel is currently rolling out the fourth phase of its digital network expansion which will take the Adshel Live network to 283 screens by October 2018.